August 21st, 2008


Odds and Ends

1. Vid rec! To Touch The Face of God by destina. It's just a stunning ode to the U.S. space program, and it's about human yearning and human struggle and human sacrifice. I used to have a poster of a space shuttle hanging over my bed, no joke, and I wanted to work for NASA, and this reminded me of why. Seriously, go watch it.

2. Saw Across the Universe, finally. It was about what I expected. The musical sequences were pretty good. The stuff in between was not so much. The story was hacked together badly, and it seemed to be ripping off Rent a bit too much. In order for it to be successful, I think it would need to distance itself from the Beatles mythos, and it didn't.

3. I have spiffied up my laptop, just in time for me to not use it so much during the school year. Whoops.

4. The US seems to be failuring during these closing days of the Olympics. Except for the women's soccer team. They're still badass.

5. I am not very surprised by the cancellation of SGA, and its subsequent transformation into a direct-to-DVD movie series. It's probably (a) cheaper and (b) more lucrative for MGM, and SG-1's already done it.