August 27th, 2008

going places

A list of things

1. So I've been exhausted by TA camp. OMG. SO MUCH WORK.

2. You know you've been getting too much spam when your first reaction to the subject line of an e-mail that says "Podficcing some of your fics?" isn't OMGCOOL, but is instead, "Huh, those spammers have some weirdly accurate random word generators." *facepalm*

3. So, I've been lazy about posting fic and such, so I'm doing that now, starting with the Doctor Who fic that has been torturing me for like months.

Title: What We've Become
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Donna/Martha
Rating: PG
Word count: 4,090
Summary: Donna meets someone new and learns a few things about herself.
Notes: This was totally supposed to be my self-indulgent fix it for Journey's End, and it's sort of that and sort of not. Many, many thanks to zulu for helping me fix things and generally being way encouraging and to spoggly who told me it didn't suck when I needed to hear it.

( What We've Become )

I also feel as though I should post the few bits of my 30_gens movieverse Bruce Wayne fics that have been sort of hidden on my harddrive for three years or so. They're pretty mediocre, but I think they're complete enough to be posted. I just need to get off my ass to do that.

4. I also revamped my journal's layout, mostly because it seemed time, also because the fonts hate Linux. A lot.