September 2nd, 2008


Why did I do this to myself again?

I feel like I have completely lost my mind.

Today I have:
1) Spent almost 12 hours straight in the CS department building.
2) Photocopied more that 420 pages of course materials for the first day of class.
3) Assembled a schedule of classes that I could possibly want to take, but not really love.
4) Talked to a bunch of freshmen about classes and kept them from freaking out about how much our course registration software sucks.
5) Tried and failed to get a locker open. Multiple times.
6) Ate pizza for two meals straight (SUCH A BAD IDEA).
7) Spent a few hours crawling around the computer lab replacing mice.
8) Had my dad inform me that my writing score for the GREs was pretty mediocre and badger me about possibly retaking them at around hour 10 of 12.
9) Discovered that I need to schedule a meeting for tomorrow today.
10) Talked to prof of class I am TAing to let them know I am more on top of this shit than they may think I am.
11) Gone so crazy I've come back around the other side.

Classes have not even started yet. I am so fucked this semester, aren't I?