September 11th, 2008

angel alley

Strangely stupid things I have done lately

1. Decided that I didn't have enough work this semester and thought "Hmmm, you know what I need on top of TAing and research and normal classes? I need a graduate level algorithms or machine learning class!" WATCH ME AS I REGRET THIS DECISION ALL SEMESTER.

2. Read too many political blogs which just reminded me of how ANGRY AND BITTER AND DESPAIRING I AM ABOUT THIS ELECTION. I know people are stupid and are going to let me down this November, but I can hope, right? There's still some left?

3. Have possibly considered a sequel to Electioneering in response to (2) which would feature (a) aaaaaangst over the choice of Biden and possibly indenial!pining (b) a dramatic reconciliation at the DNC (c) cameos from Chelsea and Bill and Michelle and (d) cookies, because cookies are delicious.

4. Eaten sort of badly, mostly because the dining hall has become strangely scarier over the summer and I have no idea why. Also, because cookies are delicious and they are right there in front of me. Mmm, peanut butter chocolate chunk.

5. Watched True Blood instead of doing my reading. Whatev, it's just semiotics anyway, and True Blood seems like the sort of 'verse that demands fic, though I don't quite care about any of the characters. It's early yet, however, so we'll see.