October 27th, 2008

lois lane

okay, so I've been gone

But I've totally found some of my fandom squee!

Because Lois Lane kicks more ass than you, and they're really letting her step up on Smallville. Plus, OMG CLARK/LOIS FTW ALL OVER THE PLACE. *cough*

Like, I don't think that Smallville's ever really used her particularly well, but they've at least been more consistent with her characterization than most, and she's been consistently sharp, snarky, determined, and loyal, and totally capable of being the voice of hilarity when Smallville's emo histrionics get a bit much. (And seriously, that happens ALL THE TIME.)

And they're sort of allowing her to be shippy with Clark this season! And while I was fearful that they'd have to gut everything I love about their semi-antagonistic relationship to do so, they haven't! I'm kind of amazed! And hopefully they won't turn into horrible pod people by the end of the season!

I also totally want to write Five Ways Lois And Martha Teamed Up And Saved The World A Lot. Because they'd be awesome at it. Like, a lot.