January 15th, 2009


More Joy Day

Okay, so today is apparently More Joy Day, and I can't say that today's been the best day about that, but I can say that:

1) I got a package from hannahrorlove! And it is full of things! I will probably not get to go through them until it is already tomorrow, but still! Happy things!
2) I finally got off my ass and opened a savings account.
3) I fixed SSH access to my computer lab, which broke over winter break and freaked me out a bit.
4) This is from yesterday, but I have borrowed books from my school library, and they (still) make me happy.
5) I found a free VGA cable on the bench the CS department's tech support uses to get rid of extra stuff they no longer need. It might not work, but hey, at least I didn't shell out $25 for it.

Hope you guys had joy as well!