April 25th, 2009

staring at the sun

Fruits of my labor

So, robots has become one of my least favorite classes, mostly because we need to work in the robots lab, which is tiny and soul destroying, especially if you spend 6-7 hour stretches of time there.

Still, it's sort of nifty to work on something that's a lot different from the programming I've done before, which is usually more about number crunching and getting the right values back. Still, here, have a blurry screenshot of our robot in action:
robot behind a yellow ball

Our main project for this semester is to get our robot to play soccer, which is both easier and trickier than you might think.

Also! I am taking an intro astronomy course for fun, and as a lab, we took several images of M82 using a high power telescope and a CCD camera. We took long exposures using different filters (red, blue, and green) and then recombined them into a final image. It was mostly computer stuff, so overall, it was very easy. Anyway, this was our final picture, and it is pretty:


Astronomy in general has been really interesting. Man, the universe is so freaking big and fascinating and amazing. Black holes! Supernovae! The Milky Way! These things are so huge they defy our understanding. It's so crazy.