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11 August 2009 @ 12:49 pm
story rec

So as a result of Mammothfail II: The 'For the love of fucking god, this is 101 shit here' version, I stumbled across a really cool story Nira and I by Shweta Narayan. It's lovely and full of cool imagery (which totally hits my weather kink, shut up), and I like that the world here doen't feel European or white. Check it out!

image editing stuff

Also, I'm thinking about putting together an 001-level Gimp icon tutorial with lots of handholding, because that interface is pretty scary for newbies, I gotta say. It'll focus on the basics, really, the particular kinds of tools and what they're used for.

But I'd love feedback on what you guys are interested in learning. Layers? Brushes? Selection tools? Color futzing? All of the above?

If there's a particular icon of mine you'd like to see taken apart and recreated (the simpler the better), let me know about that to.
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