August 12th, 2009

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Basic Gimp Icon Tutorial (Part 1)

So, I kind of love the Gimp. I know it has its flaws (boy, does it), and I know that it can be hard to love, but it is free (as in speech) and free (as in beer), and it is improving constantly. Plus, it works wonderfully in Linux, which is my operating system of choice.

The purpose of this tutorial to show a complete newb how to use the basic features of the Gimp to make an icon using some of the common techniques that a lot of icon makers use. If you're somewhat familiar with the Gimp already, this might be really boring, though some of the things I use later might be useful. The official Gimp tutorial is also quite good, so I will refer to it as much as possible.

For this tutorial we will be making this simple icon:

We'll be adding fancier stuff to it in a later tutorial, but that's going to involve some more advanced techniques. This particular tutorial will cover installation, cropping, resizing, layers, basic coloring/sharpening, text, and file types.

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