November 4th, 2009


Things that are cool

1. [info - community] intro_to_cs is a comm dedicated to going through MIT's Intro CS/Programming Course. It seems to be a relaxed and friendly place to be, so if you've always wanted to learn how to program, it's a cool place to start out. Also, you don't have to deal with the bullshit macho posturing that comes with actually taking an intro CS course. And I should know.

2. Rhianna finally speaks out and is awesome about it. Man, I am so impressed, because she went through a media shitstorm with some epic victim-blaming, and she came out tough and sane and outspoken. Man, I wish I had half her courage.

3. Ada Lovelace: the Origin! Did you know that Ada Lovelace was the first programmer? And that somehow her vagina did not get in the way of this? And that she and Charles Babbage built the first computer and fought crime? Okay, that last one is not true. But the comic is awesome and you should read it.

4. yuletide signups are open! It's like Christmas in November! I don't have all my requests together! Or all the fandoms I want to offer! But I am still ridiculously excited about it all!

5. Fresh apples from the local farmer's market. So crisp and fresh and delicious. Yum.

6. Places that are not Maine.

7. Cucumbers.