November 12th, 2009


Yule Goat Letter

Dear Yule Goat,

I hope you do not hate me forever and ever for my requests! My preferences are pretty flexible. If you write me something in these fandoms with these characters, I will be happy.

General likes/dislikes: I like: joy in small pleasures; things that can be left unsaid; baking; quiet, understated friendships; palatable absences; clever dialogue; crack; magical realism; identity issues; competence; cursing; affectionate insults; near-incomprehensible, domain-specific slang; sunlight in the mornings; rainy afternoons; bittersweet moments; hard-won happiness; good advice.

I dislike: really intense hurt/comfort; easily solved miscommunication problems; soul bonds; first-person POV; being unable to live on after your significant other has died; obsessions with virginity; character bashing.

Anyway, I am sure I will love you for whatever you write in these fandoms, and I hope you get great joy out of writing them as well!

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Anyway, I hope this helps! If you want to get a sense of the fic I write, you can look up what I've recently written on parrotfic.