December 27th, 2009

death and dream

Yuletide Madness!

So, the Yuletide Madness stories are now up, and I have two shiny new stories!

Latika and the Flat World - A Slumdog Millionaire story that gives us a look at Latika post-movie as a person, someone with her own wants and desires, and it is heartbreaking in what she remembers and in what she tries to pass on. I needed a story like this, and I'm so glad I received one.

Let's Go - Harold and Kumar being snarky and horrible to one another! In ways that don't entirely hide how much they like each other! The voices are great, and it made me sigh happily.

And now that all the stories are up, you can attempt to guess which stories I wrote! Which, of course, is very hard if you don't know where they are. Mwahahahahaha. Well, if anyone wants to take a shot, I wrote two full-length stories and one shorter piece.

Yaaaaay, more stories to enjoy!

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