January 13th, 2010

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I have been to Seattle and back! It was great fun, really chill and low key. We did visit the Science Fiction Museum, which was small but fun (and greatly overpriced). There was definitely an OMG KIRK'S COMMAND CHAIR moment and also speculation as to exactly what would be the best way to con William Shatner into sitting in it for a while and letting him heckle the passing visitors.

So, yes. I have been sort of lurking around LJ, and I feel as though there are several completely different posts I want to make, but I am entirely too lazy to go through.

In no particular order:
(1) How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Podfic. I've realized that if I ever want to commute via bus (a not entirely implausible possibility in the future), that will possibly mean lots of time on a vehicle that will make me motion sick if I attempt to read on it. So, I have decided to obsessively download lots of podfic right now and then consider maybe trying my hand at reading some myself in preparation for things that will not happen until August at the earliest.

(2) I am (finally) reading the Termeraire books, and while they have nifty worldbuilding and great characters, I can't get over how upset I am that Temeraire is a Chinese dragon, but he looks exactly like Western dragons, except with a head frill and whiskers. There's even a picture to show it. The Imperials are not my dragons. It makes me feel like some of the things I love are being painted over, hidden, and ignored in an attempt to 'universalize' it. And by 'universalize,' I mean 'Westernize,' and that bothers me. That bothers me a lot.

(3) Incidentally related to (2), I really wish it wasn't everyone's first instinct to hearing about my (and others') anger and pain and upset over ism-issues in canon X to tell me in my own space (a) how they are capable of utilizing their privilege to ignore the problems in X or (b) how much they love X despite the ism-issues I have just raised. No, really. All it makes you look like (to me) is a self-absorbed asshole incapable of resisting the "Post New Reply" button. The last thing I want to see in response to a statement that something is hurting me is someone saying directly to me, "oh, but it doesn't hurt me." CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS, YOU ARE CLEARLY MORE DEVELOPED THAN ME. I WILL NOW BOW DOWN TO YOUR OBVIOUS SUPERIORITY NOW.

No, it does not make you a bad person to enjoy problematic canons. What makes you a bad person is the fact that you feel the need to justify your enjoyment to me. Because that is not necessary, and all it does is hurt me more.

(4) Have now seen all of the Doctor Who specials. Collapse )

On a related note, I am in the process of watching the David Tennant/Patrick Stewart production of Hamlet, and I am rather enjoying it. I am kind of a Shakespeare n00b, to tell the truth, but I do like new spins on old stories. Always, always, always.

(5) I worked on my picfor1000 fic, and now the only real problem is that three different programs give three different word counts for identical bodies of text, which drives me nuts. I will probably pick one and then cry as AO3 cruelly picks a different one and laughs and laughs and laughs at me.

(6) Wisdom teeth are being pulled out tomorrow. This will probably be fun, if by "fun" you mean "incredibly unfun."

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