February 1st, 2010

saving the world

meme; tv squee

I figured I'd do the 7 things about me meme, just because I can. Ha.

001. I am Chinese-American, usually identifying more as Asian-American. I've been trying to reclaim this for me for a while, and I won't say that it's been easy to work through the issues that come from this feeling of not belonging in your own home, this feeling that you have to give up parts of yourself to belong here. But it's been better lately, and you, circlelist/flist, have been awesome and supportive when I have to do this stuff out in public. I am forever thankful that.

010. I usually hate sitting like a normal person on chairs or near desks. I have to bring my knees to my chest or fold them like, on the chair, with my knees sticking out in all directions. Sometimes, these are hard to accomplish when I'm sitting in classroom desks. But even then, I make it work, dammit.

011. My writing is usually at its best or most interesting when I have something to work with or against, basically when I have to figure out how to make something work for me in my head, which is why I think some of my best work has been about crossovers/AUs/prompts, because I like figuring out where the story is, how to be good enough to get it there.

100. I am extremely conflict-averse, mostly because getting into an argument with someone will usually stress me out a lot more than someone else being Wrong On The Internet. I usually only engage when I think I can handle it, but even then I sometimes grossly miscalculate.

101. I have been told that watching a television show/movie with me is An Experience. This is probably because I talk while I watch them. A lot. In a highly obnoxious way. Some people enjoy this more than others. But seriously, I think it's an extension of my enjoyment of analyzing/taking apart the media I consume. It's a lot more fun taking a deeper look at what I watch than simply consuming it. That's why we're in fandom, right?

110. I need to be moving sometimes when I think. I used to run around my house (literally), and these days, I'll jump onto my bed or hop around my room. These moments don't last very long, so it's basically impossible to turn them into like, a consistent jogging motivation. Which sucks, because I really need one.

111. I try to live my life with joy. This is not to say that I never feel down or out of it or upset. A cursory look through my past entires will tell you that. What I do think, though, is that the world I live in is amazing, and the leaves on the ground are amazing, and the sky above us is amazing, and the fact that we are right here, right now alive on this Earth is amazing. And I want to enjoy as much of it as I can. I want to fill my life with wonder.

A lot of my writing reflects this, I think, the way I believe that it's possible to carve out moments of joy amongst the shittiness of life. It's not easy, and it's not simple, but I have to believe it is possible at the very least.


In other news, I have been watching The Middleman, which I have been meaning to get around to, and I just have to say, WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO GET TO IT?

It is goofy self-aware scifi/comic booky-y show with a snarky, geeky female lead who is capable of saying really complicated dialogue really quickly! (and is a WOC!) And it's fun and funny and not afraid to make many, many pop culture references all the time.

Basically, this is the warm, fuzzy television show of my soul, and it makes me so sad that it never lasted past one season. Like, if you have ever read a crackfic of mine and enjoyed it -- or even read a SGA humor fic and enjoyed it -- you will love the pants off this show.

(And omg, did you know that it's centered around female agency and female friendship? Did you? Thought I'd just POINT THAT OUT.)

Anyway, I want to say that there are Ideas brewing in my head for post-series futurefic for Wendy Watson. I might even write some of it for halfamoon.

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