April 3rd, 2010

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oh look, parrot is off on another one of her jags about race

There have been recent developments regarding Avatar: The Last Failbender where I mostly want to scream a lot and tear out my hair and then scream some more.

Case in point:

This cover that seems to retroactively reach back into the series and MAKE IT SUCK. God, they even made Zuko, well, white-ish? I can't really tell what's up with his character design.

M. Night Shyamalan opening his mouth and letting so much fail pour out of it, I don't even know. No, casting the POC as the 'bad guys' is not fucking ironic. No, making Katara someone that the presumably white friends of your daughter can relate to is not in fact an improvement.

Ugh, yeah.


I kind of love Racialicious, because it is way smart and way interesting.

One thing I loved in particular was their examination of the racial issues surrounding Newsweek's latest article on feminism, which takes on a lot of really difficult intersectionality stuff and picks it apart.


So, the Census has come and gone, and I kind of regard the Census as a civic duty, even though I do realize how other POCs might feel ambivalent about it (especially since Arab is still being folded into 'white,' which, um. just in case you've missed the last 10 years, is really no longer true).

But it is like voting in a way. The system may be pretty broken, but votes still matter. They still steer the course of this country.

I made sure my Asian American roommates filled out the form even with all their busy schedules, because seriously. Getting a good count of the number of people identifying as Asian American in the US means that politicians will give a shit about our vote. Companies will give a shit about our money. The government might realize that Asian communities need money too. Apparently, Asian Americans are one of the most likely groups to throw out their Census forms. Which, yeah, means that we kind of have a problem speaking up.

So I filled out my Census form. And I ticked a little box next to "Chinese." (My parents made me fill out theirs too, because they are lazy. *eyeroll*)

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