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24 May 2010 @ 05:02 pm
Still a little sick, with a stuffed nose and grumpy throat, but I have been much better lately.

Anyway, a list of cool things I have loved lately:

  • [personal profile] crossedwires has an A:tLA casting that doesn't completely suck

  • Mark Bowden wrote an article about the Conficker worm that is really terrifying and doesn't dumb things down *too* much for people who aren't very technical. I just finished a course on Computer Security, and man, it's interesting to see a real life case study of this sort of thing.

  • ThinkGeek has Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie T-shirts which are just amazing-looking. And proceeds go to The Girl Effect, which I very much approve of.

  • Homemade hot and sour soup. I drank a pot of this stuff over two days, and it was AMAZING. Learning how to make this stuff was probably one of the smarter things I have ever done.

  • Cameron/Clegg slash. Okay, doesn't entirely fall under 'cool,' but I spent three hours straight giggling like a crazed fangirl at lolitics_meme for being delightfully ridiculous and cracktastic (omg, the rent boy AUs). Also, I am still bitter that Clinton/Obama never caught on. I mean, I get why it didn't, but still, BITTERNESS.

  • Portal, which was free until, um, a few days ago. It's a puzzle game disguised with a first person shooter UI, and it has fun dialogue, and it is as awesome as I was led to believe. It turns out that the cake isn't a lie, after all.

Anyway, what awesome things have you guys run into lately?

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