July 27th, 2010

save your mortal soul

blahbity blah blah

I have a weird relationship with my writing lately, where I've been having trouble letting go of it or even just showing it to someone else or typing it up. This may seem odd from someone who's been posting lots of fic lately, but there's something weirdly low stress about posting stuff you've done for challenges under a time limit, especially for something like Porn Battle.

I dunno. I used to have a pretty quick turnaround from writing a fic by hand to typing it up, but these days, there are months between when I finish writing things and when I polish and post (not including porn battle). I just feel reluctant to put myself out there, even to the betas I trust, to really treat my writing as something I genuinely give a shit about. I've been writing lots of words lately, and I feel like I've been having lots of conceptual problems with them rather than just execution problems and it's been making me really displeased with my own work.

Pfft, okay, enough whining. I will now instead talk about ridic NCIS AUs, because they are more fun for me to think about.

So, NCIS isn't really one of those fandoms that lends itself to AUs, which I think is a damned shame, because man, their dynamic is like SGA's in that it translates itself really easily onto other team formats.

So, one thing I like a lot is fusions, especially with other fandoms. I mentioned the Inception one already, because man, Gibbs already has the manpain down already, and like, Tony would be an excellent forger ala Eames, and um, I don't even want to contemplate how much damage they would do to people's minds.

Another obvious one is the NCIS team as one of the gate teams on SGA, maybe SGA-12. Gibbs would be their embittered Marine leader, and Ziva would be their Israeli military backup, and McGee would be their n00b scientist, and Tony would be their glorified light switch, because my brain refuses to accept him as either a scientist or military. Gibbs doesn't get Sheppard at all, I think, which is partly his bias against the Air Force and partially a factor of Shep's willingness to slouch on things during military gate team meetings. Uh, the only reason this AU exists in my mind is because I want them exploring unknown planets and a lot of aliens forcing them to do bizarre, humiliating things during first contact, like maybe covering their faces with berry goop while standing on their heads or maybe doing the chicken dance while wearing funny hats. Most of the time, I doubt this would be a problem until like, the pictures get distributed around the Atlantis intranet, and Ziva and Tony annoy McGee into making them all disappear, except for the part where Abby has them as the wallpaper on her computer in the lab and he's not willing to incur her wrath in order to destroy them.

And then the other direction I like to go is toward the really mundane sort of AUs. Like, maybe an Office fusion-ish thing where they all have horrifically boring lives and jobs, and the most exciting thing happening on a given day is the Case of Tony's Missing Stapler. At first, Tony accuses McGee of stealing it and doing unspeakable things to it, and then there's a clue found in the conference room that implies that maybe Palmer took it, but really it was in Gibbs' office because his own doesn't work, and he didn't want to bother with requisitioning a new one.

Other best idea ever is the Supermarket AU, where Vance is the branch owner, and Gibbs is the Manager for some department or other, and Ziva is in charge of the Meat section, and Tony's Deputy Assistant Manager, and McGee is the new busboy. They would have wacky price sticker gun antics and annoying problems with the freezer in aisle four. Also, Ducky likes to expound on the history of delis in the United States when they have their lunch break.

So, um. If anyone wants to write any of those AUs for me, I WOULD NOT OBJECT. Just saying.

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