July 28th, 2010

going places

World Expo in Shanghai

So this is that epic post I've been promising you. Sort of.

Anyway, after working for about a month for my uncle, my parents and I went to Shanghai to visit Expo 2010, and it was one of most miserable experiences of my (admittedly fairly short) life. Basically, it was humongous, which meant that my feet started hurting about halfway through, the lines were long and obnoxious, and the heat and humidity were painful. Oh, and it reminded me why I hate people.

But! I have pictures. So I will make this therapy-by-snark, and share them with you. Admittedly, there was some pretty epic architecture going on.

Collapse )

Anyway, now I must go fill out forms for my new job so that I can bring them in on the first day. Eep.

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