August 8th, 2010


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I've been pretty busy lately, but it's mostly been good-busy.

Things I have been doing:

- Meeting up with fangirls! Have been spending a lot of time with [personal profile] amazonziti, which has been fun and awesome. Last night I watched The Losers with her, rubynye, and ninhursag and had lots of delicious food. Had dinner with [personal profile] ignaz on Friday, which was piles fun, and we had a bonding experience over how awesomely mundane Sam Hanna's life is relative to G's epic manpain. (He likes to eat cereal in the mornings! On Saturdays, he sometimes goes running in the park with his dog! He calls his mamma every night!)

- Writing more NCIS/SGA, which is reaching a natural ending point, I think. This is good because otherwise I could write about their wacky hijinks forrrrrevvvvver. You guys really have no idea how much I love this 'verse, man.

- Being jealous of everyone at Vividcon, what with all these shiny new vids and so many fans and such. I can't wait to read your con reports! (No pressure or anything.)

- Cooking + baking! My parents bought me too much fruit and now I have No Choice but to turn them into baked goods before they go bad. Whoops.

- Freaking out about work starting tomorrow. OMGGGGGGGG.

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