September 7th, 2010

eowyn jude

Blahbity blah blah blah

I haven't been posting much, lately, mostly because I don't really have much to say.

But, here's a few rambles about things that have been occupying my mind lately:

The Final Frontier (now with blue alien chicks and three different types of zombies!)

Mass Effect is insanely addictive still, even when you're sick of running through the same bunkers, shooting the same enemies. I have this unfortunate addiction to REACHING THE NEXT PLOT POINT, and so, I will go through each pointless side quest for MORE STORY. Anyway, I really do love this game (and the sequel! though there are some action-y bits that I found frustrating after the more RPG-like elements of the first one).

It's nice to see that Bioware, unlike most gamers (and game companies), attempts to be slightly less racist, sexist and homophobic. They populate their games with varying types of female characters with different personalities, and players can play as a female character if they would like to. They have lots of important POC all over the place! They allow the player to pursue a lesbian relationship! Though I can't forgive them for the asari, who hit all of my OH BIOWARE NO buttons simultaneously. (Hint: making an all-female race of aliens who apparently need to sleep around for genetic material of other races and like, set up brothels in the capitol and are also occasionally psychically compelled to kill people once they have sex with them is not as feminist as you might think it is, you guys).

I also am kind of sad that they abandoned a lot of the old-school d20 RPG system for the Mass Effect series, mostly because I don't really play FPS games for a reason. And that reason is that I suck at them.

The Game Is Afoot

Also, I'm getting sucked into Sherlock fandom, something I am deeply ambivalent about. I guess it's more fair to say that I'm now on a general Sherlock Holmes kick of which, Sherlock was the catalyst.

About the show: I kind of dislike the way the show keeps around some of the deeply offensive parts of the original canon without really taking it apart. See: the Chinese in The Blind Banker, which seem to have come from some sort of Victorian guidebook on 'How To Make The Orient Look Exotic and Eeeeeeevil'. I have had a crush on Martin Freeman and his bland everyman white guy-ness since The Office, and he makes a wonderful Watson. It's very odd to see him in a non-comedic role, though. Cumberbatch is good, but man is his Holmes a douche. He is such a douche I kind of enjoyed watching Moriarty smacking him him around a bit in The Great Game.

Seriously, halfway through I was yearning for the deep progressive values of the 2009 movie, which allowed women to be genuinely interesting characters on their own terms and also, wasn't offensively racist simply by not featuring any PoC in major roles. This is not a good sign, you guys.

Anyway, I have Issues with a lot of the fluff in this fandom, because this series deserves creepy, fucked up fic about John and Sherlock's completely dysfunctional and co-dependent relationship. Oh, and the way Sherlock's not entirely exaggerating about his sociopathy. Obviously, I don't expect the fandom to change to suit my completely arbitrary tastes except for the part where I totally do omg, but it just adds to my ambivalence.

Though it's kind of interesting to end up in an active fandom again. My brain is sort of like, "What do you mean there's a lot of new fic every day?"

Oh, and I kind of really dig how fandom's going straight for asexual!Sherlock, though I'm sure there's some really problematic handling of it all over the place.

Working Hard For The Money

I wish I weren't still such a n00b at work. I am really thrilled that my coworkers are so very tolerant of my n00bishness.

One Year Closer To Death

Yeah, my birthday was on Friday. No, I did not do anything besides get my ass kicked by stupid fucking Geth troopers for half an hour straight. Yes, I still count it a success, despite the lack of cake, since the cake is a lie. No, I did not sit in my apartment wearing a pointy hat by myself.

I dunno. I think birthdays have lost their significance to me, especially since so many of the people who are closest to me in RL are elsewhere. Maybe this is what it's like to be a grownup. I'm not sure I approve.

Yeah, When Pigs Fly

In theory, Duke Nukem Forever, the reigning king of vaporware, is going to be released next year. I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT, DAMMIT, AND NO SOONER.

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