October 21st, 2010

shatner bullshit

Fuck politeness

I have feedback to answer. (Thanks, everyone! I'll get to it when I am less ranty!) But really, I am at the point where I am losing my shit.

Things That The Sherlock Fandom Has Done To Piss Me Off Lately

  1. I am sorry, but geisha AUs involving two white guys (and one of the them cast as a samurai lord, apparently) is kind of a fucked up thing to ask for in a prompt.

  2. Additionally, related to the above, so is requesting Avatar: the Last Airbender fusions with Sherlock as the Avatar. I am not fucking dealing with this after that clusterfuck of a movie.

  3. Warning for medfet without warning for non-con/rape just means that U R DOIN WARNINGS WRONG.

  4. Defining 'virginity' as a state in which a woman has not had penis-in-vagina sex is kind of arbitrary and a little creepy if you make a big deal out of it.

In other news, regarding that Inception thing, I think it's pretty bullshit for POC to police what other POC can and cannot feel about racism. If you're not offended, cool! Don't tell the rest of us that it's wrong for us to be, because carrying the PoC/woman/marginalized person card does not mean you get to speak for the rest of us. KTHNX. We should not have to come to some sort of PoC consensus to determine if something is racist.

On a happier note, does anyone (who is around) want to come over and make pumpkin pie from scratch this weekend? Or not from scratch? Or just chill and watch bad tv?

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