November 19th, 2010

crouching tiger

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OMG, Sherlock fandom. I wish I understood you in any way. I am grateful that I have been selected by the Claw this time around, but man, I was not expecting this on any level. At least I'm caught up with the first page of comments. I'll get to the rest of them eventually, I promise!

I still hate Glee, but I still love a cappella, so I am torn on this:
Collapse )
Also, I will never not hate Katy Perry for producing such amazingly catchy, earwormy pop music with some of the most retrofuck lyrics ever. Gah. This song isn't so bad, but I still want to shrivel up and die every time I hear "I Kissed A Girl." With certain exceptions for certain contexts.

I got some lovely podfic for Interpreted Languages, the Heroes/SGA crossover I wrote a while back! You should go have a listen!

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