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12 January 2011 @ 08:52 pm
Man, this has been quite the ride, this year. Sherlock ate my brain. A bunch of new fandoms for me, a little bit of crossovers with old fandoms. This is an incomplete list, mostly because I got lazy halfway through.

Anyway, as always, let's start with the [community profile] yuletide reveals:

Main Hoon Na

Over The Face Of The Water - Main Hoon Na was my introduction to Bollywood, and I love it so. I had so much trouble figuring out how to approach this story, and I don't think I got to the heart of the movie, but I liked trying to get at some of the more serious emotions. I always liked Ram and Lucky's brotherly BFFery, and I liked trying to untangle some of the things that tie them together.

Sherlock RPF

Why Benedict Cumberbatch Shouldn't Quit His Day Job - This was a pinch hit that was written at the last minute and with much panicking. I haven't written as much straight-up comedy in Sherlock fandom as I would like, and this was a chance to go for the crack again. Also, I am sad that I couldn't make Martin swear as much as I wanted to, because I love characters who have filthy mouths.

the rest of the stories! features Sherlock, the West Wing, Star Trek, NCIS and more!Collapse )

superlatives, etcCollapse )

Um, I'm not dead, really. Yay?

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