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Vidding is going slowly. Work is going hectically. It is fucking freezing here, so I am typing this with fingertip-less gloves on. I have been bad about responding to comments. Which I should fix, but probably won't.


I visited the Taza Chocolate Factory Store on Sunday. It was mostly for amusement purposes, because I am a big fan of chocolate and also am a giant nerd who likes to know how things are made. I ended up walking out with $45 worth of chocolate (most of it for baking, but some of it for consuming deliciously) with plans to go to town on more chocolate at a later date. (YOU CAN BUY THESE THINGS IN BULK, YOU GUYS.)

We didn't get to see any of the process in action, because it was a weekend, but it was still very cool. They stone-grind the beans themselves, and the texture of the chocolate is gritty and so good. If you have the money to splurge, I highly recommend it. The Mexicano discs are the way to go for eating chocolate. The Vanilla Bean and the Salted Almond flavors are my favorites. (Also, if you are in the Cambridge/Somerville area, you can get your chocolate delivered by bike! Tell me that isn't awesome.)

I want to try making pudding out of this stuff at some point. When work is less crazy-making. I am so looking forward to that. Mmmmm. (Banana brownies have already been made.)

In conclusion: chocolate.

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