March 11th, 2011

once and future king

It's hard out there for a hidden heir to the throne of Albion

Fact #1: I am a sucker for retellings of the King Arthur myth.

Fact #2: Starz is producing a new retelling of the King Arthur myth entitled (very creatively, I might add): Camelot.

Fact #3: Camelot features someone who is probably the worst actor playing Arthur I have ever seen. They seem to be going for 'naive and young and out of his depth,' but it would be one thing if he actually had any screen presence or at least, potential for gravitas, or had any sort of rakish charm OR you know, hair that didn't suck. It kills the entire show, pretty much. Apparently casting a decent actor for Arthur is kind of important for retellings of the King Arthur myth. Who knew?

Fact #4: Eva Green does rock it as Morgan Le Fay, though I'm not sure why they made her Uther's daughter instead of Igraine's. Agent Shakespeare does a serviceable, though bald Merlin. James Purefoy steals some scenes as King Lot. Kay is actually pretty awesome.

Fact #5: I now feel the urge to finish watching Season 2 and Season 3 of Merlin just so that I can see a decent Arthur on screen. Man, I am going to be braving the inevitable evilification of Morgana for this. Though from what I see, the Arthur/Gwen is handled well, which makes me happy. Yay, Gwen.

Fact #6: The writing is serviceable. The scenery is probably very pretty but loses something on the computer monitor.

Fact #7: The gratuitous sex is hilariously gratuitous. It adds absolutely nothing to the plot or character development.

Fact #8: I probably won't watch more, unless I hear that it gets a lot better.

Unrelated but more awesome thing: reena_jenkins and bessyboo have made a podbook (and associated podfic) of Penis Envy, And Other Things Meredith McKay Doesn't Actually Have. It has a pretty cover! Check it out.

I owe people lots of stuff all over the place. I'll try to get to them tomorrow!

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