March 20th, 2011

mozilla love

two completely unrelated things

I kind of want to watch Paul even though it kind of looks stupid and I am allergic to Seth Rogen. But the charm of a new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost vehicle is really very tempting, even without Edgar Wright. And I do love me some scifi movies and road trips.

the latest in browser technology

In other new releases, Firefox 4 is now out, and I am really digging it, personally. I've used the beta versions on my work machine for a while now, and it's been about as stable for me as Chrome is. There are a whole crapload of new features, performance improvements, and HTML 5 support. Most of the major extensions and add-ons have been updated to support the new version, so those of us who can't live without Adblock Plus will still be happy.

If you're on Ubuntu, like I am, you'll probably want to use the Firefox team PPA.

So Firefox and I have a long storied history together (okay, maybe I'm lying about that), but I do remember it while it was still Firebird (renamed because of another software database project with the same name). I don't know how many of us really remember/think about the dark days of IE, when flashing pop-ups ruled the earth (no, seriously fuck you, Angelfire), and you were forced to have twenty different windows cluttering your taskbar at the same time. But seriously, those days were complete shit. I'm glad that Chrome has decided to challenge Firefox in the for the title of Most Badass Browser Ever, and I'm glad that there's practically a race to find out what is the shiniest shit you can render with HTML 5.

Anyway, I used to be a huge obsessive fan of Firefox, and for posterity, have some old posts of mine:

The release of Firefox 1.0 - Did you know that the demand for Firefox 1.0 was so high, it basically took down the Mozilla/Firefox servers for an entire day? Good times, good times. (If anyone is super bored, you can watch Firefox 4 being downloaded in semi-real time.)

A huge Firefox resource post - About half these extensions don't work anymore and about half have already been folded into the main code as features, and the rest are pretty much still awesome.

Shit that I think is cool in Firefox 4:

App Tabs - Okay, yes. Firefox stole the idea from Chrome, and really, it doesn't sound amazing when you first hear about it. I've basically been doing the same thing by manually arranging my flist/dwircle tabs in the same place the whole time. But it's cool to have it baked in so that you can't accidentally close them and also rearranged so that they take up less space.

Panorama - I haven't actually used this a whole lot, but I have a tendency to abuse tabs, especially on my home computer, and it's nice to have an extra layer of organization right there too use and abuse. Plus, you can make things zoom in and out! Isn't that fun? (Yes, all of my windows wobble just because I can.)

HTML 5 - Mostly, I just can't wait for Flash to burn in hell. But, you know, HTML5 can do other cool things as well.

Firefox Sync - Something I don't personally use (yet), but I might eventually try it out along with Firefox Mobile one day. One day.

Anyway, YMMV on whether or not you like it. I don't think there is one uberbrowser for everyone. If you dig Chrome, awesome. If Safari's your thing, coolbeans. If you like IE6, well, all I have to say is that there's plenty of room in hell for you right next to Flash.

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