April 3rd, 2011

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Muskrat Jamboree 2011 Con Report

I am still in something of a post-con exhaustion state, but in a good way! I met some really cool people, and I had some really awesome fannish conversations. I don't think I actually got a chance to sit down and really talk with many people outside my local-fannish social circles, but I'm okay with that, because I haven't seen a bunch of them in a while.

M was totally my backup on all of this, which was a good call especially in the beginning when a lot of my fannish social circle wasn't around first thing Friday morning and I didn't really know anyone except maybe vaguely knowing the names. It's really hard especially when everyone seems to know each other and you don't know any of them and you're maybe a little intimidated because you've seen their names around and maybe you liked that one fic you liked but you've barely interacted at all. I'm also still not used to saying "thedeadparrot" out loud, btw. It just sounds super weird. Annnnnnd super creepy.

The ice-breaker was fun, except I wasn't sure what to say or how to deal with people or anything at that point, and the all the other talking in the room was so loud conversation became really difficult. I met various people who I didn't share any fandoms with and didn't really interact with again during the con. Which I do regret! They were cool! It was just the way the sorting of social circles worked out. In the future, it would probably be worth it to go to room parties in order to have more unstructured socializing, but nothing particularly grabbed me this year, and I didn't get a hotel room since it was so easy for me to get to and from the hotel on public transportation. Next time this con rolls around, I will totally do that, though.

A lot of time, social interaction with strangers or acquaintances feels like work to me, but I discovered that talking with fannish people is super easy because you don't need to struggle as hard to find common ground.

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Overall, it was a lot of fun, and it was a great way for me to replenish fannish energy. I've been feeling disconnected from it lately since work has been very cyclically grueling and I'm not feeling like I belong to any particular fandom lately. Hopefully writing stuff for people as part of help_japan will also help get back into the fannish swing of things. I do love fandom, you guys, and this weekend really showed me how much I do.

Also, Boston fangirls: we definitely want to do an outing to the Taza Chocolate Factory, y/y? (Even if you weren't at MJ and want to go!) It's not very easily reachable by T, but it is very reachable by buses from Davis, Porter and Central square and there is limited parking nearby. Let me know and I can start up an epic e-mail thread about when people can/want to go. There is a factory tour! And free samples! And the chocolate is super delicious. Seriously.

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