April 17th, 2011

devil horns

The Social Network

I finally got around to watching The Social Network. I'm still trying to parse how I feel about it in general, but man, that movie is all about Eduardo and Mark's epic, tragic breakup. It's actually amazing how much it is about how Sean Parker steals Mark away from Eduardo and how Eduardo is REALLY SAD about that.

It's really a movie that also does not understand computer nerds like, at all. Maybe some. A lot of the surface stuff is there, but how computer science departments and computer science students work isn't quite right. Especially upper middle class computer science nerds at a school so completely dedicated to hyper-achieving academic superstars like Harvard. Also, don't get me started on the technobabble. (Though I've read some of the fic, and the technobabble there makes the movie's technobabble sound like it was written by Bill Gates.)

I find it fascinating that the movie tries to get into its own version of Mark Zuckerberg's head, but it can't quite do it. It doesn't understand Zuckerberg well enough of even understand its own creation of Zuckerberg as a person. It builds him up and tries to see into him, and they don't come out with enough of anything to understand why he did what he did.

[personal profile] roga brought up the point that it's not a movie about Facebook and it's not a movie about our generation, since really, it's not. It is about the ways in which success can tear relationships apart (a.k.a. never go into business with your friends. No, really, bad idea all around.) Anyway, I can kind of see where the fandom is on all of this, because it's all about how Mark's an asshole and how it makes Eduardo sad. Very sad. So very, very sad.

Fuck. This is a fandom that may suck me in, those bastards.

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