August 27th, 2011

rain damnit!


Yeah, we've got a hurricane coming through. I'm mildly worried, as my apartment is approximately 70% window, but I'll probably hide in my bedroom for most of it.

I am mostly prepared, though. I have lots of dry food and fruit that does not need to be refrigerated immediately as well as drinking water, flashlights and a fully charged Kindle. Tonight, I'll fill up the tub so I can flush the toilet if the power goes out, and I'll probably shut down my desktop so that I can move it away from the window, too. My plants will have to be moved as well.

As of right now, it's just raining, no wind. It should be fine until tomorrow morning, and we're 'only' getting a tropical storm and not a full-blown (ha!) hurricane. Flooding is unlikely near where I am, which is good, but the winds are going to be a concern.

Also, CNN is really just kind of obnoxious in its weather coverage. There's definitely an EVERYBODY PANIC vibe to it, which is really just unnecessary.

Oh, in happier news, I have a first draft! I love finishing first drafts right up until the time when I realize how much editing I have left to do. Maybe all this enforced indoor time will help? Yay?

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