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Title: What the Water Gave Me
Fandom: The Social Network
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Length: 2:01
Summary: Oh, my love, don't forsake me. / Take what the water gave me.
Music: Florence + the Machine - "What the Water Gave Me"
Footage: The Social Network, Oceans, Never Let Me Go, Boy A, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, The Fellowship of the Ring
Notes: This vid is based on fuzzy_paint's merman!Eduardo fic the other side (is always greener). I really do recommend reading it first. though I guess you could watch it as a vid with some very strange ocean metaphors.

Also, it would not exist without [personal profile] merisunshine36, who is one of the most persistent enablers ever.

XVid download (31MB) (mirror)
Subtitles file
Vimeo (larger than below) | Youtube

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