October 2nd, 2011

angel alley

plot bunnies that I am trying to get out of my system

So I have this thing where I can only really work on one fannish project at a time, but like, I have at least two happening right now and it's making me feel a little crazycakes.

On the other hand, I really want a cyberpunk AU where Mark is the head of one of the evil corporations instead of one of the plucky upstart hackers. He'd be so much better at being the machine rather than one of the ones raging against it. Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? Dustin would be the head of R&D. Eduardo would be in charge of the money, and as someone born into a certain social class, it would be understood that he'll be the one responsible for setting up the secret global corporate conspiracy with all of the other megacorporations. Chris would be the AI responsible for monitoring and maintaining Facebook's image to the world. And Mark, well, Mark would sit as his desk in his huge office with its huge windows that overlook an orange/brown/black city, and he would plot new ways of using Facebook to further the conspiracy's goals.

I wish more people would write evil!powerhungry!Mark. I would read all of it.

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