October 15th, 2011

oh the angst

man, remember when tv shows had fandoms?

So I started watching Revenge, and I have to say that it's a whole lot of fun for deeply trashy TV. The main plot is interesting enough, and I really dig Emily/Amanda as a protagonist, and I really dig Victoria as the antagonist. They both get to be highly competent and dangerous, and if the show can keep the intrigue up, their cat-and-mouse game is going to be awesome. I don't think it can last past one season without overstaying its welcome, but so far it's been pacing things nicely.

I am entirely amused by the show's not-Zuckerberg stand-in, Nolan. He's an awesome sidekick character, imo, and I hope they make sure not to fall in love with him too much and give him too much screentime. I think he's best when used sparingly and douchily.

Anyway, this show presses my competence kink and my schadenfreude kink, and I hope it doesn't start sucking. That wouldn't be fun.

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