October 18th, 2011


i probably shouldn't try to be coherent at the moment

In an attempt to understand what the kids these days are into, I am playing around with tumblr.

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I am nothing if not creative in my naming schemes.

ANYWAY, there's an article on Rooney Mara/The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in which David Fincher is a creepster and Daniel Craig shows up to be awesome, because he is.

I've read a good amount of meta about the series, and I've seen the Swedish version of the first movie, but I haven't read the book(s). I'm still trying to untangle my feelings about the whole plot, most of which comes down to OMG SO MUCH RAPE EVERYWHERE. It's obvious to see the anger in it, the anger the author/creators have towards rape as a means of controlling women and shaming them. All the same, women in this seem to live permanently in the shadow of rape, whether in reaction to it or in the fear of it.

And that sort of ties into my issues with Lisbeth as a character. I can see why people have embraced her as a feminist character, one who can reject a whole lot of what is defined to be feminine and girly and still be considered female. All the same, I dunno. She feels very engineered to me, like she's been put together from spare parts of some dude's idea of feminist characterization. Let's give her piercings! And hacking skills, yeah! And pyromania! That's awesome, isn't it? Look how progressive it is that I want to fuck her! She has agency, but all the same, her agency is filtered through that of Blomkvist, and it's frustrating to me. If it had been a movie about her primarily, I would have enjoyed it more. ETA: HA! Just remembered what my point here was. I kind of see Lisbeth as a darker cousin of the manic dream pixie girl, who is so free! Unfettered by the restrictions of 'polite society!' Isn't she just so amazing? And interesting? And quirky? Why, she can help save the male, central character from himself! It's not really about her, see. It's about what she can do for him.

Which sort of brings me to Fincher's version. The poster seems to miss the point entirely. It like, takes the point, chucks it aside, and says, "Nah, I think I'd rather have boobage instead." I won't even get into Mara's justification of the poster, because there's really no point. The expression on her face doesn't even rate on the criticism scale here. The article doesn't give me as strong of an impression of the movie itself, but it does give me the strong impression that I would hate to be female and attractive on one of Fincher's sets. Ick. He's mostly a director of male pathology, and while this movie is right up this alley in that sense, I don't trust him to do female characters right. They never really seem quite real in his movies. They're always ciphers, representing an abstract idea or two, because dudes are the real people here.

I'm pretty sure this movie will be a trainwrecky clusterfuck, and I'm sure almost no one will notice how much of a trainwrecky clusterfuck it is, because it will be shot beautifully and intensely, and you know, rapists are bad and get what's coming for them. Because that's the way it works in real life.

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