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25 November 2011 @ 04:07 pm
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone else in the US! I hope you're not getting stomped on by Black Friday.

I realize that I don't have the correct accent for it, but man, why doesn't anyone ask me to dispense the wisdom of my ancestors with overwrought metaphors about vipers? Huh? Am I too young and too female for this job?

Also, shut up, [personal profile] merisunshine36. Side quests are awesome.

Less vague spoilers about RevengeCollapse )

I finally got around to flashing Cyanogenmod onto my phone. Except for screwing up my contacts a bit, (Just a tiny bit! Okay, maybe a surprisingly large amount.) it went smoothly, and now I have some sweet, sweet Gingerbread on it right now. I can't wait for Ice Cream Sandwich, though. That will be really, really exciting when it comes out.

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