January 2nd, 2012

shatner bullshit

Scandal in Belgravia and Game of Shadows

Oh god. I am coming to realization that the only reason I was in Sherlock (BBC) fandom is because I found the source frustrating and obnoxious and I wanted to find something that would fix some of the problems for me. This ep reminded me why.

I kind of hated 95% of Scandal in Belgravia. The music was nice and so was the direction. The acting was decent. There were entire scenes where I didn't hate it. Almost none of them actually contained Sherlock.

On the other hand, Game of Shadows was pretty much exactly what I was expecting, and maybe a little better than what I'd feared. It's sort of smart-stupid in that overly complicated plotting sort of way. Stephen Fry was great! Mary was also great! I was worried that they would disappear her too quickly, but they gave her more to do this movie.

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