February 15th, 2012

shatner bullshit

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Dear Jesse Eisenberg,

Look, dude, I get it. This whole 'Linsanity' thing is getting a little overblown. You wanted to let off some steam, You wanted to write something that mocked the meteroic rise of this one dude. So you wrote a little essay as an exercise in exageration about how it's kind of absurd that Jeremy Lin is now being showered with ridiculous amounts of praise and attention and is co-opted by the world at large. And after only one week! I get it, especially for a Knicks fan such as yourself.

But you're also a white dude. I would kindly ask you to STFU with your hipster douchebaggery regarding Asian American athletes, becuase hey, racism that says that Asians are so smart they can't do sports. The fact that we finally, finally have an athlete that people know and love and respect outside of the Asian American community is actually kind of a big deal, considering how invisible we can feel the rest of the time.

Stop talking about shit you don't understand, dickweed.

No love,

P.S. And I was all set to forgive you for Asuncion, too. AHAHAHAHA. How naive was I being, huh?

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