April 22nd, 2012

martha/tardis = otp

Catching up

'Sup. I know I haven't been around for a while, but I am sort of back.

This is what has happened to me lately:

1. My mom informed me that I might need to be a bridesmaid to my cousin's wedding, which happening in June. I did not know it was happening in June until three days ago. WHAT IS THAT EVEN.

2. I have played a whole lot of Mass Effect, but now I am not playing it any longer. Maybe I will go back for more. I'm not sure.

3. I have been reading way too much XMFC fic. There are not enough old people feelings for me, which makes me grumpy. I want the sadness and tragedy and the fact that they can't quite find enough common ground to stand on to stay together, but they love each other sooooooo much. Also, no powers AUs make me cry. A lot. I've gotten to the point where I'm okay-ish with modern day AUs, especially if they do good worldbuilding with the mutant rights/social justice stuff.

4. Not writing anything, which is making me cranky. Unfortunately, that's because I have no inspiration and no fandom. SADFACE.

5. Oh, I went to go see Death of a Salesman with [personal profile] merisunshine36 and [personal profile] ninhursag! We hung out with [personal profile] azephirin, too, and we had a blast bumming around NYC. Also, Andrew Garfield has a bald spot. I can't wait until he starts Shatnering.

EDIT: It has been so long I forgot a few things!
6. Donated to the OTW. If only to keep the AO3 servers going. I know that there are a lot of issues technical or otherwise with out the OTW is run, but I love AO3, and I am happy that is becoming well-used and well-loved.

7. Purchased the Humble Botanicula Debut! I love all of Amanita Design's games, and now you can pay what you want for all three of them and also give to charity at the same time. Plus, soundtracks! All of their soundtracks are atmospheric and lovely.

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