August 4th, 2012

death and dream

Fanfic writing meme

I have been writing after a bit of a drought! I am planning on staying in during the day today and seeing how much I can get done. Also, um, watching the Olympics some more. The weather is so gross today.

I am also considering signing up for xmenbigbang, but I only have vague ideas of what I would want to write, and I've only ever written three stories over 15k words. I'm not sure I have the endurance to pull that sort of thing off.

I spotted this meme around tumblr, but I don't really use tumblr much, so here it is.

Directions: Give me number(s) in the comments and I will answer the corresponding question.

  1. How did you get interested in fanfiction?

  2. What was your first fandom? Your first OTP?

  3. Do you review all the fanfics you read, most, or do you prefer to read and move on? If you write, what’s the best review you’ve ever gotten? The worst?

  4. Favorite AU to read? To write?

  5. What’s your favorite genre to read? To write?

  6. What are your biggest fanfiction pet peeves?

  7. Do you have any crackships?

  8. Do you have any ships you don’t like or used to but don’t anymore?

  9. Are there any kinks you love to read? Any you avoid?

  10. Do you prefer to read fanfics in first, second, or third-person POVs? To write?

  11. Do you read exclusively NC-17 fanfics, or will you read any rating?

  12. What’s the latest you’ve stayed up reading a fanfic? Writing one?

  13. Is there a website you’re partial to when you search for fanfiction, or do you more read whatever you can get your hands on? When it comes to writing, is there a website you prefer to use for publishing your fanfics?

  14. How long have you been “18”?

  15. Are there any plot ideas you want to either do or see someone else do?

  16. Do you associate certain songs with certain ships or fanfics? If you could make a playlist for your OTP(s), which songs would be on there?

  17. Do you follow any RPs? Do you RP?

  18. What’s on your fanfiction rec list?

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