September 13th, 2012

self-portrait me

an almost completely incoherent ramble about election politics

Every four years, politics becomes my fandom. It's a weird thing. I obsess over poll numbers and political speeches and the various analysts/pundits who have a lot of opinions about things (about half of them are bad, but that's to be expected). I go through a lot of hair-pulling and angst and overinvestment in really trashy political commentary. I end up being a bit addicted to the news cycle and all its joys and pain. (Mostly pain.)

There was this embarrassing period of time that happened back in 2004, but let's not talk about that. (Seriously, let's not.)

I kind of wish that my attention level for politics remained this high for the rest of the time, but it only really shows up this late in the game. It's not like I'm uninformed. It just means that competitions are fun and governing is hard, thankless work. Hard work is boring and depressing; Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair is instant hilarity.

Still, I love voting, man. There was a primary last week, and I went in after a bad day at work, but I came out of it feeling like a million bucks. Civic duty is like pure endorphins. Elections are great.*


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