September 18th, 2012

self-portrait me

things that i do when i don't have a fandom

1) Clean my fridge
1a) But not my sink

2) Install Rockbox on my Clip+ MP3 player.
2a) Consider whether or not it makes sense to transcode podfic into Opus
2b) Feel sad because Opus isn't supported by Rockbox quite yet
2c) Wonder if you're snotty enough to use FLAC for everything

3) Read political blogs
3a) Boggle at everything Mitt Romney says
3b) Wait for The Daily Show to comment on that last thing Mitt Romney just said, because OMG DID YOU JUST HEAR THAT?????

4) Play video games
4a) Attempt to debug Wine's audio problems using ambiguous search terms
4b) Play free versions of classic games
4b1) Remember that you hate FPS games
4b2) Keep playing anyway
4c) Buy the latest Humble Bundle out of sheer love for the Dustforce soundtrack
4c1) Enjoy Dustforce, the game, itself.
4c2) Wait for stabler Linux versions of the other games in the bundle
4d) Develop an obsession with following the successes and failures of Kickstarter games.

5) Cook actual food

6) Eat lots of farmers' market apples, because they are so tasty and so delicious

7) Attempt to learn how to use Tumblr
7a) Feel old

8) Play with Greasemonkey

9) Watch Samurai Champloo

10) Go on a book borrowing spree from the library
10a) Accidentally get too many books at the same time and frantically try to get through them all
10b) Fail
10c) Refuse to turn your Kindle's wireless back on until you've finished this one, dammit

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