March 30th, 2013


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I spent way too much of my time on Friday dealing with the fact that I accidentally blew up production servers and introduced not one, but two major bugs. No matter how many times you live to tell the tale or how fast you are at responding to fix your own mistakes or how many times you've seen other people do it, it still makes you feel like crap, especially when you're supposed to start moving into a pseudo-leadership role on your team and you feel like a n00b. A clueless n00b. A clueless n00b that no one wants to listen to or respect. I'm supposed to help run an important meeting on Monday, and I'm still kind of tired and frazzled about doing the preparation for it (this weekend! while I am trapped in a house with my parents! also doing my taxes! and maybe the other guy I'm working with has mono! Maybe!)

In happier news, I found out that I could become what they call a 'slacker backer' for the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter game, and even though I am not the hugest fan of adventure games -- I've started Monkey Island approximately three times before giving up and deciding I didn't care -- I am really really enjoying the documentary and behind-the-scenes content on all the parts that have gone into making the game. There are so many interesting things! Freewriting! Development processes! Sophisticated software tooling! Art design decisions (featuring hipster lumberjacks)!

Oh yeah, and there's a teaser trailer out for the game already:

Oh, and editing! I have been doing lots of editing, and amazingly enough, I think my brain is in the right space to tackle all the things that have been bothering me and to actually fix them. Sometimes, it is easy to gloss over things or to not look at them critically enough, and I think I am in the right mental state to listen to that niggling sense of doubt and to really find the problem at its root and fix and polish the crap out of it. Yay.

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