April 27th, 2013


An update

Things have been better this past week. Boston does feel like it's been putting itself back together, day by day, piece by piece. The MBTA buses say 'Boston Strong' and 'We are one Boston' on them where they used to only tell you the route number and destination. One Heart Boston sold out their T-shirts and totebags. These pictures make me sigh and sniffle a little. I saw buses and buses full of cops going to Sean Collier's memorial drive by my office window.

But those are the sad things. I want to talk about happy things too.

I have recently run into Twine as a storytelling tool, and now I am playing around with it. I have about 1000 words of one story already written, though there is all this plot that wants to happen, and ugh. Plot is so difficult. Feelings are so easy in comparison! But I think I enjoy the way this story feels wild and untested right now. It could be awful! People could hate it! Or not understand it! Or understand it and think it is a bunch of useless tripe!

The underlying code of Twine (or Twee, which is what I like using) is just this giant clusterfuck, but the platform itself is nicely put together in a way that makes things easy. I am a writer who likes thinking about structures of stories, of how to construct a story so that all the pieces fit together, and having a plaform that not only allows you to, but also basically demands that you, break up the flow of a story is exciting. It makes you think about structure in a whole new way.

ETA: Also, [personal profile] azephirin, I found that game that introduced me to Twine again! It's called ALL I WANT IS FOR ALL OF MY FRIENDS TO BECOME INSANELY POWERFUL (warning: music comes on suddenly). I didn't actually read it all the way through the first time through, and I should have. Even if you are not [personal profile] azephirin, you should read it.

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