May 5th, 2013

staring at the sun

On Creativity

It was really great wandering around Somerville this weekend as part of Somerville Open Studios. I think part of it was just enjoying looking at art, and part of it was also getting to see artist studios, seeing the converted factories with squeaky wooden floors and exposed piping, the paints, the canvases, the woodworking tools, the messy doodles on the walls. I'm always impressed by the amount of creativity in people, the number of ways in which people chose to create new things and express themselves. Not all of the art I've seen has been got, perhaps not even most of it, but I still loved seeing it. I'm not sure I'll make this a yearly trip, but it was definitely worth doing this year. It didn't hurt that the weather was gorgeous.

I've been writing a decent amount lately. The best thing about Twine is that it tickles my writing and programming brains at the same time, which is really great. Most of the code is really simple, but I had a bug yesterday! And I fixed it! That was really fun. I still don't know if this story is going to work, if the pacing is too all over the place and video-gamey, if the worldbuilding is crap (though I have had some great conversations with people about it, which was good), if the plot is too non-sensical, if I can get the emotional builds and dips right. Still, I have a plot outline, mostly, and I have approximately 4k written and coded up. There's still a lot to get to, and there are a lot of places in those first 4k that need a lot of work (a lot a lot), but I'm still enjoying it. There's something both thrilling and frustrating about a first draft, about seeing how everything is coming together and yet how long everything takes.

I don't have many interesting or deep Iron Man 3 feelings. I guess as a series of scenes, I was very entertained, but as an overall storyline or character arc, it doesn't hold up at all. Pretty much every person I've spoken to has stronger feelings about it than I did.

I also bought KotOR 1 and 2 during this weekend's Steam sale. They actually work somewhat decently under wine, and it's hilarious how quickly computer graphics age. Still, all my adolescent feelings are still lingering, and I'm really looking forward to see what sorts of improvements the KotOR 2 restoration mod makes to the overall experience of that game.

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