June 8th, 2013

an offer they can't refuse

a collection of thoughts

1. Fast 6 was awesome. I am tentatively excited for the next one, even though it doesn't have Justin Lin at the helm. And also, I can't wait for someone to give Justin Lin another action movie franchise, because he is awesome at directing it. (For all you nerds out there, he directed the paintball episode of Community. Yes, that paintball episode).

I now kind of want sedoretu fic for this universe full of angst and feelings.

2. Fic editing has kind of stalled. I sent it out to a beta yesterday, but I still want to do some more editing once I get some more distance from it and can look at it without cringing.

3. I have put the source code of the Mafia AU Map up on Github along with some directions on how to reuse the code if interested. I have also made a website for the Github repo using Github pages and Jekyll. Jekyll is actually a pretty cool framework for generating html from simple templates, and it's exactly what I wanted in order to keep myself from copy/pasting a lot of code.

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