August 17th, 2013

death and dream

Gone Home

Whee! Gone Home was everything I hoped it would be. It's about exploring a house on a dark and stormy night (though it's not a horror game at all). I was cranky about having to turn on all the lights, but there's an option to play it with all the lights already on, so I might do that at some later point. It's a pretty short experience, especially if you're used to video game logic, but you don't need an abundance of that sort of thinking, just a willingness to rifle through people's trash and pick apart every small detail. I actually missed a whole bunch of stuff until I went back and read some meta from other people playing the game.

The voice acting is amazing, and the music is lovely. There's such a powerful beating heart at the center of this game, and not just for our main teenage narrator, but for the father and the mother and even, to some degree the silent older sister you play as you explore the house that your family moved into while you were away.

The story here is mundane, but it's a lovely one about growing up and figuring out who you are. When I got to the 'end' of the game, I felt moved, which isn't that hard, I guess. I was moved by the end of Mass Effect 3, too. But here, you move through a space, and you learn about the people who were there and you learn bout what they left behind, and I really loved the chance to do it.

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