September 29th, 2013

obvious place

I am so inundated of TV right now

Korra - I'm kind of sick of the 'older mentor figure ends up being horribly misguided' trope in that it is way too much of a pattern right now, but oh well. I am still very much enjoying this season, and I hope to keep enjoying it. It's not perfect. There are still some glaring flaws. But it is still interesting and thoughtful and gorgeous.

Elementary - SO MUCH CITY PORN IN THE PREMIERE. Ugh. I love the way they use New York on the show, and Sherlock's London is so much lovelier than I imagined when writing The City & the City. Also, there was an awesome ratio of tasty character work vs. boringish procedural. Mycroft and Lestrade were both interesting and great.

Glee - Don't talk to me about Glee.

Parks and Rec - Still happy and adorable! I enjoyed their London shenanigans, even if they weren't as amazing as Elementary's London shenanigans. Ron's trip up to Scotland was the best. So much pretty.

Sleepy Hollow - I found the time travel jokes great and the mythology stuff mind numbingly awful. John Cho! I am sad that he's a bad guy, but I am delighted that he has a new show.

Breaking Bad - I have been slowly catching up on this show over the last few years, and I'm only midway through season 3. Ugh. I want to read all the discussions and analysis, but I also don't want to spoil myself too much. I don't think I could say anything about it that hasn't already been said. It's amazing television, but my enjoyment of it is a little cold.

Agents of SHIELD - My thoughts on this show are as follows: Coulson, I love you! I am sick of manic pixie hacker girls. I might have cared a little bit more if J. August Richards was sticking around. This show feels like it was made with a paint-by-numbers kit, and none of the n00bs registers as interesting.

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