October 7th, 2013

it's alright

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- Went apple picking and did some baking with [personal profile] azephirin yesterday! It was super awesome! I love apple picking when it is wet and soggy outside because then there are fewer people and it's fine as long as you dress appropriately and hot apple cider is the best in that sort of weather. My rain boots are now covered in farm detritus.

- Day Whatever: Still hate the Republicans.

- Work has been mostly good, though I still sometimes feel like everything is going to spin wilding out of control. Bah. I'll get used to it. Hopefully.

- Writing is happening if very slowly. Merlin post-apocalypse AU is the main focus right now, though I think it'll always be a little more impressionistic than ever really having a plot. I am currently out of that amazing and awful feedback cycle where the idea of comments and kudos will motivate me to write more fic. On the plus side, this means that I can totally just let loose and write whatever I feel like without thinking about how it will 'play.' Totally. Once I finish the level of this video game that gives me points for doing things.

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