October 10th, 2013


Elementary 2x02

So I could talk about Joan backstory and the delightful relationship building between Joan and Sherlock, but really, I am just nerding out over an entire episode about P vs. NP and how they didn't totally fuck it up. Well, they slightly fucked it up, but that's to be expected because this material is pretty damn difficult. I ended up TAing an intro CS theory class that spent maybe 1/3 of the class going over the problem, and it's still difficult to explain it to other people.

Anyway, it was great to have one of my nerdy loves collide with one of my other nerdy loves.

(In the intro theory class, we used to ask students to solve the P vs. NP problem as an extra credit problem, where points were given for how ridiculous they could make the proof. Good times. Good times.)

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