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23 November 2013 @ 05:55 pm
Saw the Hunger Games: Catching Fire today with bironic and deelaundry!

Non-spoilery thoughts:

- I was initially skeptical about the length of the movie, but I think they used all of it really well. I never felt bored or felt like it was dragging. The runtime gave every part of the movie a chance to breathe, and I was impressed at how well they managed to draw out some of the ideas in from the book that I was sure that they'd compress too much when adapting it into a movie.

- The actors were great! I really enjoy the adults in these movies, and they do actually put in some effort instead of sleeping through it and cashing in their paycheck. I think Elizabeth Banks gets extra credit for making Effie a real person under five pounds of makeup and ridiculous hair.

- All the same, I was impressed by the amount of screaming and crying there was. The emotional stakes run high, and everyone goes all out for it.

- I am curious to see how they handle the third book, which is generally just a mess and needs a lot of careful coercion if they want to make it work into a coherent storyline and not boring as hell. They've done a good job with the movies so far, but they've stuck pretty faithfully to the books. We'll see what happens.

I am also sick and kind of cranky, and I am worried that in a few days when I am better, I am going to look at all my code and go, "what the actual fuck were you thinking?" Ugh.

Still, I am making slow and steady progress on this project. I want to make sure the architecture is sound before I start building more things on top of it. But it seems like we are making some progress. Wheee.

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