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13 February 2014 @ 07:19 pm
Ugh, I am so tired and cold and cranky. I walked home from the T station with 7 lbs of my work laptop on my back through the rain and the gross slush/sleet on the sidewalks.

On the other hand, I think I might be ready for some beta testing? I have made at least one thorough scrubbing through the writing and got everything up and running on my hosting site.

Just for reference, the fandom is X-Men movieverse, and it takes place post-X3. Yes, I know X3 is terrible. For some reason, that doesn't stop me when I write things.

Here is a handy signup form:

I think I'll be posting more directions to DW under a beta filter over the next day or two. Some of you guys said you'd be up for it at a later date over the next couple of weeks when you finally get some time again. That's cool! I'll put you on the filter anyway, and you can come back when your time frees up.

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